Sunday, October 28, 2012

Wizard World Day 3

Okay, crowd attendance wasn't like Friday - more like a cross between Friday and Saturday with a few thousand folks peaking during mid-day.  Approximately one hundred more business cards were taken up, along with more networking (one promised review and an invitation to a Houston comic con).  Pretty much a repeat of Saturday in so far as how the wife and I paced ourselves.

Vickie on station (kissy!)

Overall, I'd say the convention was a success with a couple hundred cards in circulation as well as a some books.  Got plenty of pictures snapped of myself - even a few videos.  So, if you can dress up like the other con folks, by all means get involved.  Remember what I said about organizing early?  I preregistered for 2013 before leaving.

Now, I said I wouldn't be tossing up con pictures, hard to resist!

Excellent Iron Man

The Irony!

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