Friday, October 26, 2012

Wizard World Day 1

Damn, I'm tired.

Came in well before the 11:am opening and got suited up.  Put out the books and pamphlets.  Located a nearby Starbucks (try and avoid eating at the convention site if possible) and we had our lunch.  The day went by with steady crowds, but not the full-on madhouse I expect from tomorrow when the crowds really hit (along with the cos-play).  We did have several cos-players about just the same, and I was asked quite a few times to pose for a picture myself.

The business cards went out in satisfying numbers, with the folks more willing to just grab from a spread on the table rather than the more neatly arranged card holders.  Something to think about.  Even sold a couple books.  One of the toughest things to do is the "elevator pitch" - explaining in quick and satisfying terms what your book is about when asked.  Sometimes it's best for me just to point to a back cover or invite them to look at the iPad video, but I do try my best just the same.  I would count the day a success, and the new display system a great idea.  Below is me before the crowds got started.  Tomorrow I will try and show what it's like in mid-crazy.  Yeah, that's me in full steam punk regalia (grin).

(ps - this isn't going to be a "con" page showing picture after picture of cos-players.  Gonna stay on the writing aspect)

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