Thursday, October 18, 2012

Wizard World Day -8

Things are speeding up now, and all in the right direction.  Made phone contact again with the Wizard World folks and was assured that "Yes, we're really really about to send emails out to the artists."  More important was getting the organizer of Artist Alley to confirm that I am on their list.

Email came in with all the nice little instructions on when and where.  Got my table assignment (all subject to change at the last possible moment, if last year's event was any measure).

Requested a promo code from my publisher.  Just received it.  These things are great for everyone involved.

Inventory got a second look, and the main display box (sort of a swivel thingy) we used last year was just not going to give us that professional look.  This time we opted out for a relatively inexpensive solution from Amazon that employs a combination of four grid boxes that come completely apart.  Lovely things - you can hang anything off them or simply use the inside of the box.  We seen a few of these being used to great effect in the last Comic-con.  Grid work arrives and is everything we hoped for.  A quick trip to the local hardware store and I had clip-in shelving for the books themselves (okay, the clip-in stuff was supposed to be for peg board tools, but it fit great!).  Did a full dress rehearsal of the display to get the kinks out.  It will be a huge upgrade over our last appearance, and will also be tall enough to easily catch the eye.

Next came the job of stuffing our new-found acquisition into an easily portable container.  Remember, you really don't want a huge amount of stuff going in with you if you can help it.  Good news - the entire (gasp) assembly and extra additions fit nicely into a backpack.  Went over to our other goodies we take along and put them into a carry-on bag.  Again , perfect.  The only bulk stuff now will be the books themselves, and we already have one rolling luggage for that along with two smaller boxes.  Our goal is considerable - two people being able to haul everything out in one run (so we can have the option of taking the light rail).

What are we taking?  Well, here's the list:

1.  Sixty-five paperback books covering the entire Dancer series and the spinoff "Waiting Weapon".
2.  One 28" x 28" grid display.
3.  Table cover, star sprinkles, our candy-giving froggy, signing pen, card holders, signage.
4.  Around 300-400 business cards.  At least 50 or so handouts and book markers.
5.  One each author and wife, armed with iPhone and the Square app to take credit cards.
6.  Full steam punk outfits for both of us (most likely worn from the start).
7.  8' banner and stand.

All on one trip...ahem.  Maybe.  Or not.  More dress rehearsals to come!


  1. Reading this with interest, KM, as I'm considering WorldCon 2014 and I've never done one from the dealer's side of the table. Will you be posting pictures later of how the set up looks once it's done?

  2. Oh yep, we'll be doing a before/after. Maybe even a picture of us en-route if I actually can get everything in on one run.


  3. The Square app (and card reader) is a definite must...I just started using it recently (at my most recent event), and already needed it on half of the books I sold.