Friday, October 12, 2012

Wizard World - Day -12

Arrangements made to take Friday off.  Wife will represent on Thursday's setup as I anticipate a mad rush for table spots.  Why?  Because I still haven't received any preliminary table assignment or email of any kind from the sponsors.  Called their contact in New York for the Artist Alley and was assured that emails would be going out this week.  This means nothing has gone out previous to this week to anyone.  That's not totally worth panic as assignments tend to be thrown about at the last minute anyway (more of an advisory at this point).

Encouraging things - my picture is now on the web page even though it was last year's picture (their link for this year to submit fresh bio was broken).  No problem, doubt many folks are pouring over the myriad of pictures anyway.  This means I'm at least on the list, and that's the main issue.

Inventory is solid.  Steam punk outfit is in great shape.  Letting the clock continue to tick down.  Lessons learned so far is that the only consistent thing about these big conventions is that they're great when it comes to taking your money, and very much last-minute when it comes to the logistics.  I feel sorry for this year's coordinator - another hair puller to be sure.

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